Please follow the links to our Live-Stream on Sunday mornings, YouTube Videos (usually posted each Sunday by 6:00pm), and links to other Special Event Recordings. We Live-Stream worship from St. John’s Stevensville United Church each Sunday morning starting at 11:00am.

About Us:

Niagara Online Worship is an outreach project of St. John’s Stevensville United Church, live-streaming worship services Sunday mornings.

The NOW group originally started as a project of the church-planting workgroup of Niagara Presbytery of the United Church of Canada, and for many years operated as a mobile infrastructure for live-streaming worship services from various churches within Niagara Presbytery.

We are available to visit other churches for live-streaming special occasions such as celebrations, special services, funerals and also available for consultations with others who may be interested in live-streaming as well.

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